Dolly Varden Project

Eskay Creek Model Comparison

Exploration guidelines on the Property target an Eskay Creek type deposit that is a striking example of a class of high-sulphidation VMS deposits that form near sub-aqueous hot-spring vents where base and precious metal-rich hydrothermal fluids exhale onto the seafloor under shallow depths of seawater. At the Eskay Creek deposit, stratiform (bedded) layers of precious metal-rich chemical sediments and massive sulphides accumulate near vent areas and become the source for clastic sulphide debris in adjacent areas. The bedrock in the vent areas are underlain by precious metal rich feeder veins, stockwork veins and strong alteration.

The above diagrams (drawn at the same scale) show the size comparison of the key stratigraphic units and associated footwall alteration – feeder system as mapped at the Eskay Creek Deposit to the same stratigraphy and same style of alteration that has been mapped on the Dolly Varden Property.

Eskay Creek Exploration Model

A Schematic diagram, modified from Hannington, 1996, demonstrates the geological and spatial characteristics of the Precious Metal Rich VMS deposits with the key features as mapped at Dolly shown on the model. The DVT Exhalite which hosts the Silver deposits at Dolly Varden – North Star – Torbrit are correlated with the Barite-Silica Cap, and the Redpoint Feeder Zone correlates with the footwall stockwork alteration feeder zone.